Fans ask PGA Tour about Bunkergate


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – As part of the evening’s festivities, golfers were given the opportunity to ask questions of Golf Channel’s Rich Lerner, Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo, as well as PGA Tour head rules official, Mark Russell.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the first question was about Dustin Johnson’s rules gaffe at this year’s PGA Championship. Russell took the question and agreed wholeheartedly with the PGA of America’s handling of the situation, and offered one note of caution to amateur golfers.

“Rule 6 says that the player and his caddie are responsible for knowing the rules,” Russell said. If his answer seems obvious, it’s because it came straight from the Rules of Golf.

Rule 6 – 1. The player and his caddie are responsible for knowing the Rules. During a stipulated round, for any breach of a Rule by his caddie, the player incurs the applicable penalty.

Russell went on to say that Johnson’s blunder should be a reminder to all tournament golfers to “always read your local rules sheet.”

Russell ended his thought by lamenting how dignified Johnson was about the entire situation, to which the audience applauded in agreement.