Handicapping Day 1


PONTE VERDRA BEACH, Fla. – With six flights and four golf courses it’s tough to tell who played the best golf on Day 1. But by subtracting the median handicap in a given flight from the average score, we can level the playing field somewhat. Not surprisingly, the Players Stadium course played most difficult. Here’s how each flight breaks down:

Senior Championship – Slammer & Squire
Average score: 79.88
Median handicap:  2
Adjusted average:  77.88

Senior Palmer – Players Stadium
Average score: 89.36
Median handicap: 6
Adjusted average: 83.36

Senior Hogan – St. Johns Golf & Country Club
Average score: 85.48
Median handicap: 10
Adjusted average: 75.48

Senior Sarazen – Dye’s Valley
Average score: 95.73
Median handicap: 14
Adjusted average: 81.73

Senior Jones – Slammer & Squire
Average score: 93.49
Median handicap: 18
Adjusted average: 75.49

Senior Snead – Players Stadium
Average score: 107.24
Median handicap: 22
Adjusted average: 85.24