Top 10 holes at Bandon Dunes - COPIED


bandon dunes top 10 holes
The par-3 sixth hole at Bandon Dunes

With 54 holes ' and soon to be 72 ' Bandon Dunes is a true golf mecca. From the cliff-side ocean holes at Pacific Dunes to inland gems at Bandon Trails, Bandon Dunes Resort has more than its fair share of unforgettable golf holes. Here's our countdown of the 10 best from Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails.
Bandon Trails No. 2 ' 214 yards, par 3
An inland par-3 thats just plain fun. If you select the wrong club ' its easy to do ' and end up in the back bunker, dont rule out the possibility of utilizing your putter.
Pacific Dunes No. 11 ' 148 yards, par 3
Most great golf courses have a devilish little par-3, and Pacific Dunes is no exception. A good look at birdie is no given as the wind, a small green and the distraction of scenery take hold.
Pacific Dunes No. 3 ' 499 yards, par 5
One of the defining characteristics of links golf is holes that appear wide open from the tee, but in fact require precision. Two great shots are needed here to be in position for a birdie. If the pin is back-right, its a lot of fun.
Bandon Dunes No. 13 ' 553 yards, par 5
Elephant-sized humps mean a 3-wood approach from a side hill lie is a given, but youll have fun with it because theres plenty of room to miss. Whether you think you can get your third shot up and down is another question entirely
Bandon Trails No. 11 ' 445 yards, par 4
The only hole at Bandon Dunes with a lake. Here, the ocean takes a break and the true inland beauty of Oregon shines through.
Pacific Dunes No. 18 ' 591 yards, par 5
An excellent par-5 finisher thats perfect for deciding a match. If you can get your drive in play, youll have a chance get your second to ride the slope of the fairway down toward the green. Do you have what it takes to make a closing birdie?
Pacific Dunes No. 13 ' 444 yards, par 4
True to links golf form, you cant see everything thats in front of you from the tee. Trust your caddy and hit it where he or she tells you. If youre successful ' heck, even if you arent ' youll enjoy one of the prettiest strolls up the fairway of any hole at Bandon Dunes.
Bandon Dunes No. 16 ' 363 yards, par 4
For a golfer looking to make a birdie, whats the only thing more fun than a short, downwind par 4? One along the ocean. There may not be a better risk-reward hole at Bandon Dunes. The more you chew off, the shorter your approach. Go too far right, and youre in the Pacific Ocean.
Bandon Dunes No. 4 ' 410 yards, par 4
When your aim point behind the green is Asia, you know youre playing a bona fide ocean hole.
Pacific Dunes No. 4 ' 463 yards, par 4
With ocean bordering the entire right side of this long par-4, the rules are simple: favor the left with your golf ball and the right with your sight-seeing. Even if every other hole was ugly and boring, No. 4 alone would make Pacific Dunes a must-play.