Fowler’s facial fuzz: A lasting look or just a fad?


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Last November, Rickie Fowler was among a handful of PGA Tour players who let themselves go.

For reasons I can’t explain – or justify – Fowler decided to grow a Van Dyke beard. His new facial features were met with a lot of criticism; but fans’ disdain for his mustache and goatee only fueled Fowler's fire. He's had the facial hair ever since and has said that the more people give him grief about it, the longer he'll keep it.

“It’s more kind of showing I’m not too worried about what other people think,” Fowler said.

Rickie is coming off his first PGA Tour victory – the Wells Fargo Championship – and when asked Tuesday in a news conference at The Players Championship if he was going to keep the facial hair for superstitious reasons, Fowler said he's weathered the good and the bad with his beard.

“It’s just me being me, and whether that can be a lesson to some kids, just not trying to fit in, just be themselves,' Fowler said. 'But superstition, not really. I’ve had some rough weekends with it and I’ve had a few good weekends lately. It doesn’t really matter.”

So we're still not sure how long he'll let the look live, but mustache or no mustache, Rickie looks good in the winner's circle.