Outside the ropes: What PGA Tour wives wear


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We see what the men on the PGA Tour wear week in and week out, but what about their better halves? What do the Tour wives wear when roaming outside the ropes?

“Very comfortable. That’s the first thing I look for,” Nichole Moore said, wife of PGA Tour player Ryan. “I try to go with nice flowing dresses that breathe.”

Nichole and other PGA Tour wives keep it fashionable on the course, but most try their best to stay under the radar. They walk outside the ropes and don’t wear their badges so as not to draw attention to themselves. 

Their walks are mostly leisurely, so their footwear is mostly fashionable.

“People always ask me ‘how can you wear sandals when you’re walking around out there?’” Nichole said. “But that’s pretty much what I wear when I walk anywhere, so what makes a golf course any different?”

And while the husbands may be doing the work once they get to the tournament, it’s the wives who are working hard before the trip – packing their suitcases full of any and all gear they might need.

“The weather changes so often that it’s hard to pack,” Nichole said. “You look at (the weather forecast) before you go, you have to pack for the whole week ahead and then by the time the weekend rolls around, it changes.”

And while some women may not want to be seen in the same outfit twice, Nichole says she's not that superficial.

'It's not like I care about being seen in the same outfit twice. I jut don't want to wear the same thing two weeks in a row.'