Weather alert! What to pack for the U.S. Open


Mark Twain wasn’t kidding that “the coldest winter (he) ever spent was the summer in San Francisco.” While some claim Samuel Clemens didn’t actually pen the quote, no one disputes the fact. Summer in the Golden City is downright chilly thanks to its Mediterranean climate.

I learned this the hard way covering the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. While I did have pants and jackets, sweaters and turtle necks, I just couldn’t beat the chill, mainly because I didn’t have warm footwear (sandals were not the right choice for the course).

San Francisco is just a few hours up the coast and won’t be much different. When I was there for a preview shoot last month I ditched my Orlando summer garb and packed the warmest clothes I own (now that I’m a Florida resident they actually aren’t all that heavy), but I was still shivering. So when you’re packing to stroll the fairways at the Olympic Club, consider this a flashing Weather Alert: Bundle up!

Packing List:

-Long underwear/Under Armour

-Layers (four should suffice. Think undershirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, and jacket)

-Warm socks (the thicker the better)


-Gloves (I’m serious)


-Closed-toe shoes

Notes for Ladies Only:

-Scarves (apply your “flair” here with summery bright colors)

-Puffy vests (one of the best layering pieces I own)

-Warm Leggings

-Comfortable riding boots (they look great over leggings)

-No heels (obviously don’t do this at any golf event)

-No sundresses (sorry fellas)

-No summer-weight fabrics