Discussion: Make Your Masters Picks


We have (finally) arrived at what many would suggest is the best week in golf. Eight months removed from Keegan Bradley's win at Atlanta Athletic Club, it is once again time to crown another major champion. Do you think you know who will take home the green jacket on Sunday?

The rules here are simple. Consult the GC Fantasy home page to see how the field is divided into Groups 1-4. Choose TWO golfers from each group - so you will have EIGHT total golfers. The person whose team accrues the most prize money will receive a trinket or two from the GC reserves.


- Amateurs are fair game. If you pick one of the six amateurs in the field you will still receive the equivalent prize money they would have gotten based on their finish.

- No editing of posts. If you need to make a change - prior to the first ball going into the air on Thursday - note the changes in a reply to your original post. Posts that are 'edited by author' are subject to DQ.

- Posters are responsible for double checking their own selections. Choosing too few/too many golfers, choosing three golfers from one group, etc. may result in a DQ if not addressed prior to the deadline.

- Picks will close at 7a ET Thursday. Be sure to note your selections in the comments below prior to then.

Feel free to address any questions below. Good luck, and enjoy what is sure to be a great week of golf!