Damron Ready for Colonial Course


He may have won Byron Nelsons tournament, he might be $810,000 richer, but Robert Damron is still the same man he was a year ago when he was struggling to make cuts.
Im still the same guy and Ive still got the same job, said Damron at the MasterCard Colonial Wednesday. The first victory of his career, coming in his fifth season, came in a four-hole playoff over Scott Verplank last week. It wont get him into the U.S. Open, but it is about as good a feeling as there is, he says.
Ill just take that as it comes, I guess, Damron said. Ill try to qualify, like everybody else. At least I dont THINK Im in. Am I?
No, he was informed, he didnt meet any of the Open qualification. But thats okay, he says. Hell try to qualify at Columbus, Ohio, most likely.
He prepares to play the Colonial on what he believes is one of the two best courses the Tour plays all year. Yeah, here and Riviera ' those are the best we play, he said.
This is the only course we play where they let the course play hard and fast, where they dont mess around with the length. If someone happens to have a good tournament and shoot well because he gets hot, they dont come out the next year with 500-yard par-4s or something silly like that. You come here to this course, its relatively short, and the same score won in 1960 that wins now.
Winning, though, is something that comes when you least expect it. Stay around the lead enough times, he has discovered, and youll eventually come in with the lead when the tournament ends.
It just stands to reason that if you get around the top 10 enough, that just by sheer luck youre going to win one or two, he said. It just so happens that that was my time. I plan to stay around the top more often, though.
One call Wednesday was very special, he admitted. He spoke to Arnold Palmer, who has been friends with his father for quite a while. Damron was in awe as he recounted the conversation.
He said he was really impressed with me, and not just the way I played, said Damron. He said, You carried yourself well, and thats going to take you a long way in your life. He had just spoken to my mom and dad. It was really special.