Furor Over Greens Subsides


The hullabaloo over the ninth and 18th green appears to have been misunderstood, says David Duval. Reports of players being upset are apparently overblown.
The green was mown very closely and many players were seeing approach shots roll back down off the front and back down into the fairway. Duval, however, says he has no doubt that the green will be in tournament shape by the beginning of the Open.
I heard that I was irate about or something, said a bewildered Duval. We teed off yesterday (Monday) and played a round, and No. 9 was perfectly fine. And we got to 18 and Chris Perry hit a nice shot up with a 4-iron, and as we were walking up, all of a sudden, it was well off the green.
We got up there and dropped a few balls and watched them roll off, and we were laughing about it.
That was the end of the joking, said Duval.
I guess I was concerned about what it was going to be like, because at the point it was a little bit unplayable, he said. But seeing it was Monday, I wasnt upset or concerned about it. If it was Wednesday afternoon and that was happening, youre out of time now.
But Ive always enjoyed how the USGA sets up golf courses. And I dont think theres some big conspiracy talked about, where they try to make this unplayable. I think they try very hard, but very fair.
Tiger Woods, though, said there definitely is a chance of a good shot to the green at 18 going unrewarded.
All I can say is that the green on 18, if you hit a good, solid shot in the middle of the green, there is a chance of that ball rolling 40 yards off the green, said Woods. Its a good shot, right in the middle of the green.
And thats a pretty harsh penalty for a good, solid shot, especially the hole being 470 and youve got 2- or 3-iron ' or even lumber. Youre firing it into a green like that, where it doesnt really reward a good shot. And thats tough.