Golf Balls Fill the Air at Merchandise Show


2005 PGA Merchandise ShowORLANDO, Fla. -- You have to take the manufacturers word for much of what goes into a golf ball. Do you want a high-resilience core? How about the geometries of the dimples? An ionomer boundary layer? Or maybe you want some polybutadiene.
Whatever ' the golf balls at the PGA Merchandise has it all. Heres a sample:
Callaway ' The HX Hot is Callaways newest offering. A three-piece ball, it has Callaways thinnest cover, with an inner construction designed to increase ball speed. Ball speed, says Callaway, is the key to extra distance, and Callaway believes it has found the maximum ball speed by use of a new, highly resilient core.
Callaway designers feel that a balls best performance lies in the greatest interaction between its layers. As such, engineers added feel to its distance ball by separating the high-resilience core from its fast cover by adding a soft, thin boundary layer that reacts like rubber. The result? The two layers interact at impact with the cover to increase velocity.
The cover of the HX Hot is made up of 332 geometries, both hexagons and pentagons, to reduce drag, increase lift and maximize distance.
Top-Flite ' Top-Flite is now owned by Callaway via a recent acquisition. One of the newer products of the Top-Flite company is the Strata TL-Tour.
The Strata TL combines circular and geometrically shaped dimples to reduce wind resistance and improve distance. Multi-layer construction lowers spin off the tee, but increases distance. The thin urethane covers produces feel and spin around the green.
An enriched energy core has a new formulation that makes it the fastest that Top-Flite has ever produced. Of course, the faster the spin, the longer the ball.
Nike ' The Nike One black focuses on the point of contact, trajectory and roll.
The point of contact speed is achieved through use of ND catalyzed polybutadiene in the balls core. And the ball is designed to take off on a lower launch angle, yet the exclusive 408 seamless dimple pattern prevents the ball from ballooning when it becomes airborne. The faster velocity and penetrating flight pattern lead to increased roll, providing greater distance.
Ben Hogan - Tour Deep is Hogans newest ball ' featuring a multi-layer double cover and a very thin urethane material. This thin cover allows for a large core, which in turn makes for more distance.
In addition to a cover pattern to traditional, circular dimples, the Tour Deep has the added technology of six deep dimples that are unique to this ball. These six are implemented to perfectly center the large high-energy core of the ball for a consistent cover thickness. In addition to centering the core. These deep dimples create turbulence in airflow, which improves aerodynamics for superior distance.
Srixon ' The Z-UR makes its debut under the Srixon label. The cover is urethane-elastomer, a soft, shear-resistant, membrane-thin material measuring 0.02-inch ' a noticeable contrast to some other manufacturers whose multi-layer balls contain covers which are as more than 50 percent thicker.
The Z-UR has the largest and fastest Energetic Gradiant Growth core that Srixon has ever developed, thanks to the thin cover and the high velocity ionomer boundary layer. These are combined with resilience-enhancing propriety bis ' or PBDS. And the Z-UR ball has a 330 dimple pattern which combines high trajectory with a penetrating ball flight for stability in varying kinds of winds.
Wilson ' Fifty years after the introduction of the first Wilson Staff golf ball, Wilson has introduced the Wilson Staff Dx2 (Distance) and Wilson Staff Px3 (Performance) featuring PhD (Pan Head Dimple) Aerodynamics. The PhD dimple pattern features just 312 dimples, each larger and almost 50 percent shallower than most standard dimples. This pattern produces higher lift and tighter trajectories.

In addition, each ball in the series is built utilizing Wilson's Progressive Layer Control Technology. This building-block system delivers maximum distance and soft feel across the line, and uses additional layers to accentuate secondary performance qualities like spin and response.
The Wilson Staff Px3 is a three-piece ball (core/inner mantle/soft ionomer cover) targeted to the golfer seeking distance and accuracy off the tee, but more control on iron shots.
Dunlop ' The Loco Dart is a Dunlop offering, utilizing a three-piece construction with DuPonts Surlyn cover. The titanium-enriched high velocity core generates the distance, while the advanced 442 dimple design provides a straighter ball flight.
The DuPont HPF polymer mantle gives added feel and control, while the premium high performance multi-layer design adds the latest in ball technology.
Precept ' The Laddie Xtreme is Precepts latest. This ball delivers a combination of distance with the driver, parlaying that with soft greenside control.
Off the tee, the Muscle-Fiber Core produces a high launch and low spin. This core, combined with the 370-dimple design, results in maximum distance. The shear resilient cover compound stands up to bladed wedge shots, while the ball still retains superior greenside performance.
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