Irons Run the Gamut at PGA Show


2005 PGA Merchandise ShowORLANDO, Fla. -- The new irons which were previewed at the PGA Merchandise Show went from one extreme to the other, but all are touted to get the ball up in the air quickly and to hit it great distances. Here are a few of the merchants who showed off their wares this week:
SRIXON ' The I-403 irons are made from extremely soft SUS 255 stainless steel, incorporating several features to make the club easy to hit.
The tungsten-nickel sole weights move the center of gravity to the lowest level providing ideal launch conditions. Variable hosel lengths and varied back-weighting position optimize the center of gravity point so that long irons are easier to hit squarely and get up if the air. Short irons have the ideal scoring trajectory.
CALLAWAY ' Big Bertha Fusion Irons is the name of Callaways lead brand. The clubhead is shaped radically different with a more traditional look. Three metals comprise the clubheads ' tunite, a material composed of nickel and tungsten, allows for 77 percent of the mass to be positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead; the face insert is composed of titanium; and a chemically engineered polymer interacts with the titanium face, reducing vibration at impact.
Callaway also offers the X-18 irons, which feature a deeper 360-degree undercut channel and notch weighting; and the Big Bertha irons for the average golfer ' they are Big Bertha 2002s with a lot of the newer technology, featuring a rounded heel-to-toe sole to get more loft from lies of all kinds.
YONEX ' The Cyberstar VX irons are Yonexs new offering, featuring a UL-titanium composite shaft technology used exclusively by Yonex.
It features the new dual core head technology which allows the clubface to compress and release at impact, resulting in a longer ball carry and more forgiveness on mis-hits. An Ultra Thin SUS 60 Stainless Steel clubface is only 1.2 millimeters thick, which reduces the head weight by 10 grams. Tungsten Balanced weighting in the clubhead is designed to provide additional head stability and less twisting at impact.
Yonex has a decided advantage over other clubs because they make their own shafts, says endorser Scott Hoch.
MacGREGOR ' MacGregor has a new concept in the new V-FOIL M675 irons ' it features a flexible high rebound face technology while combining a clubface metal that is harder in the center and softer in the perimeter. On-center shots thus come off the face faster, which produce greater distance, while off-center shots come off nearly as fast with little distance lost.
Two forged metals are used ' a harder 1045 carbon steel in the long irons for greater distance and forgiveness, and a softer 1025 carbon steel in the short irons for more spin and control. And all M675 irons deliver the forged advantage ' shot consistency, distance control and an unbelievable feel.
CLEVELAND ' The CG2 irons are ideal for the low- to mid-handicapper, utilizing the forgiveness of a cavity-back and the workability of a blade. These perimeter-weighted irons, made from Carbon Metal Matrix, have a small cavity-back design which offers increased control along with added forgiveness. The design of the CG2s combined with low-density properties of Carbon Metal Matrix have helped engineers at Cleveland Golf create irons with both increased moment of inertia for extra stability at impact, as well as a lower and deeper center of gravity which helps promote a higher ball flight.
The density-relieving spheres within the Carbon Metal Matrix also help dramatically dampen vibration.
MIZUNO ' The MX-17 is Mizunos prime new offering for the mid- to high-handicapper. Long- and mid-irons in this set offer extreme pocket cavity design for high launch, short irons emphasize a deep undercut cavity for better feel and maximum control and accuracy. All irons feature something called Multi-Piece Wax Technology, which accounts for the lowest center of gravity of any Mizuno iron.
More proficient players use the MP-32 with Cut Muscle technology. This refers to the positioning of weight that is cut from the muscle area of a traditional muscleback iron into strategic locations in the lower back and surrounding portions of the club. This movement of mass around the clubhead ideally positions the center of gravity and creates a consistent sweet spot location throughout the set.
NIKE ' Nikes Slingshot irons feature a bar across the width of the back of the club. The club features progressive offset, which helps position the hands in front of the ball. A wide constant sole width increases effective bounce of the club, and the lightweight speed steel shaft means more clubhead speed for increased distance.
The Slingshot iron features cold-rolled Custom 455 Stainless Steel in the clubface.
TOUR EDGE ' Tour Edge introduces the JMAX Iron-Woods, designed to greatly help golfers inability to hit long irons. Its construction optimizes weight distribution to produce a higher launch and spin, plus superior forgiveness on off-center hits. Extra clubhead weight delivers a higher moment of inertia, allowing the club to resist twisting and produce more accurate shots. With a higher trajectory than the equivalent irons, these clubs can consistently reduce scores by several strokes per round.
Tour Edge touts these clubs as ideal for players of all skill levels. While better players may only replace their longer irons, based on performance benefits, mid- to high-handicappers can go with an entire set of JMAX Iron-Woods.
WILSON ' Wilson Golf presents a new generation of Wilson Staff irons with the Wilson Staff Pi5 (performance irons) for the accomplished golfer and Wilson Staff Di5 (distance irons) for the golfer seeking maximum distance and the ultimate in forgiveness. Both feature a progressive design for optimal weight placement in the head and matched shaft performance throughout each set.
The Pi5 irons feature a soft, compact 431 Stainless Steel cast head with thin top-lines and progressive sole widths from the short to long irons. A carbon insert in the cavity absorbs vibration for smoother feel at impact, and the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft features a .355-inch taper tip to promote stability and reduce torque. The Di5 Irons feature an oversize stainless steel cast head. A deep cavity undercut and heel notch work together to progressively move the weight from the heel in the short irons to a lower position toward the toe in long irons for higher trajectories.
TIGER SHARK - The Great White irons feature Tiger Shark's patented Impact Cavity that is undercut along the lower portion of the cavity to optimize the center of gravity for playability. This also expands the effective hitting area across a greater portion of the club face.
Tiger Sharks designers have utilized a special heat treatment process to create a 'new concept' steel for a Fluid Face, promoting increased stability and feel. Each iron features exacting specifications in loft, lie, bounce, weight and center of gravity to ensure set to set and iron to iron consistency.
LPGA Hall of Famer Juli Inkster is an endorser for the club company.
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