Janzen Misses the Cut After Penalty


TULSA, OLKA. - Lee Janzen was assessed a two-stroke penalty Saturday over an event which occurred 24 hours earlier, and the additional strokes raised his score to 147, 7-over-par, one over the cutline of 6-over. As such, he wasnt eligible for further play.
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At 7 a.m. Friday, Janzen used a towel to absorb moisture from the fairway before replacing his ball that was in play from the rain delay Thursday evening. This action was a violation of Rule 13-2:
The removal of dew or frost from the area immediately behind or to the side of a players ball is forbidden. Such action is deemed to improve the position or lie of the ball or the area of the players intended swing and is a breach of Rule 13-2
Ordinarily, when a player fails to include a penalty and signs for a score lower than should have been recorded, the result is disqualification, said Reed Mackenzie, USGA vice-president and chairman of the Rules Committee.
But, since the committeeman observed the violation and failed to notify the player of the penalty, the penalty of disqualification is waived. However, the penalty strokes must still be added to his score.
Janzen was contacted about the action taken at 9:45 a.m. Saturday.