Jenkins Book a Breezy Look at PGA Tour


First of all, Dan Jenkins is from Fort Worth. If somehow you missed that in coming through the front door, then a quick glance at Jenkins characters will tell you. Money-Whipped Steer-Jobbed Three-Jack Give-up Artist is another one of a line of Jenkins books, this one about a fictional character named Bobby Joe Grooves. Yes, that name is fictional, too.
Dan Jenkins Book CoverBobby Joe is a golfer, naturally. The book details his life on the PGA Tour for one unforgettable season. Brain surgery this isnt, but its written with a typical Jenkins style 'light and breezy with plenty of down-home humor, easy to read and understand.
As always in the case of Jenkins books, this one is adults only. The language at times is only for men who wear a hard hat to work, and there are several adult situations. But the language is only what men (and some women) have listened to for several hundred years. The situations are different. Some of them are fairly commonplace ' others are reserved for the professional athlete. I guess.
The book takes place over a year of Bobby Joes career, a career that stretches over 16 seasons. Hes mixing it up with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson, but also Buddy Grimes, Jerry Stark, Knut Thorenson and Cheetah Farmer ' totally fictional characters who fit into Jenkins storyline. There are also women, of course ' two ex-wives, Aileene and Terri, Bobby Joes current interest, Chery, and naturally someone to muck it all up ' Nonnie, the bored wife of his Pebble Beach pro-am partner, J. Rodney Harrison.
With this cadre of stars and wannabees, Bobby Joe churns through the season. Included is a little local lore about several of the tour stops ' Jenkins has been to almost all of them in his 40-plus years of writing about the PGA Tour.
It is loosely tied to a season-long quest to make the Ryder Cup, and his surprising singles opponent. The money-whipped, steer-job, three-jack give-up artist refuses to give up.