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So, what does a nice young woman do when she isnt doing golf? If shes 23-year-old Natalie Gulbis, she lets the world know what she is doing via The Golf Channel.
Natalie will be the focus of a reality show called, appropriately, Natalie. She has signed up for six shows, the first of which will air July 19th. The shows will air once a week and show Gulbis doing ' I dont know, whatever a young woman does for six weeks.
Natalie Gulbis
Natalie Gulbis currently sits in 20th on the 2005 LPGA money list.
I would think it would be fairly difficult to come up with enough interesting stuff to keep people on the edge of their seats for that length of time. But maybe it wouldnt be in Natalies case. She has quite an active golf presence, what with tournaments, girl things, and then her work with Butch Harmon. And she lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas ' an active social life would seem to follow. She has a close relationship with Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
What else? Well, youll need to watch the shows to find out.
What prompted her to allow the cameras close access to her personal life? What prompted me is that there has not been a tour player yet to have a reality TV show, she said. And apparently she feels that a tour player would be a good candidate for a reality series, with the opportunity to show the world what she does on a daily basis.
As far as it being invasive, it has not been too bad so far, said Natalie. It is not like when I wake up in the morning, there is a microphone on me or a camera when I roll out of bed. A lot of it is stop-and-go kind of stuff with different events.
They just shot (the) swimsuit photo shoot for my new calendar, and that is real easy because it does not have anything to do with my golf. I just have a microphone on every now and then and they shoot it. They shoot some of the stuff behind the scenes, so it has been good.
Ah, the swimsuit photos. Gulbis has a calendar out in which she poses in, among other things, swimsuits. It's nice, because there's not a lot of calendars out there that sell, she said. There's not a lot of female athletes out there right now that have calendars.

So far, she hasnt yet mastered the art of simply ignoring the cameras and microphones. She notices them more sometimes than at others, but she is always aware that they are in the background.
Oh yeah, of course you are, she said. My swimsuit shoot that I did last year, I just had a photographer. This year (when TGC was doing its show), I actually had three cameras going around all the time.
They see you when you get up in the morning without makeup on, so you definitely are (aware of them). But it hasnt been too bad.
Natalie Gulbis
Natalie Gulbis won four times and earned All-America honors at the University of Arizona.
Gulbis is, of course, a golfer. But that doesnt mean she automatically would pick The Golf Channel to film her show. But she says she was convinced that TGC was the proper fit when it became apparent that others had the focus on - well, conflict.
A few of the other ones we were looking at were going to be trying to get a little more away from golf, explained Natalie. We were looking at one and it was going to a little more on my father and I, and they were looking for conflict, and stuff like that.
The Golf Channel was a perfect fit. They were going to show my life as basically what I am, and as athlete.'
Two episodes have already been shot, with four to follow. Gulbis is hopeful that the series will be renewed for another six episodes.
I remember Peter Jacobsens show (on The Golf Channel) when he did that with Sign Boy, and that was good, she recalled. That was fun to watch, because they were in different cities all the time, and you kind of get into the characters like all the other reality TV shows. You really get inside that persons life and you really start to follow the characters and want to see how it is going every week, something that you tune into.
But she wants to share what makes Natalie run. The show's producers, Natalie says, have made it easy on me. And starring in a reality show has been interesting ' it is just one more portion of a life that has gotten a little crowded.
So far it has not been too bad, she said of the filming. You just schedule it like everything else like appointments.
You have priorities of what is important to you and you put golf in the block of time as what is important to you and your down time as to what is important to you. And for me, my workouts are important to me. Then you try to fit everything else into the other time.
It is kind of fun to have a lot of things to do. It is when you have those six hours to do nothing, what do you do, watch TV? I have a lot of things going and it has been real exciting for me.
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