Nelson Likes Five Wins But Mystified by Ranking


Larry Nelson has won five times this year, two more than anybody else on the Senior Tour. He had six wins last year, 16 during his four-year Senior Tour career. Last week was win No. 5, a two-shot victory at the SBC Championship.
But he still is only the fourth-leading money winner, standing just under $2 million at $1,981,436.
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He, along with the whole golfing population, is left wondering why. He has played seven fewer tournaments than the leading money-winner, Allen Doyle. But Doyle averages $76,400 per tournament, more than $3,000 per tourney as does Nelson. A big factor, Nelson says, is that he didnt win any majors this year.
Winning a major is like winning two regular-season tournaments, money-wise, said Nelson. In most cases, its $380,000 for a major as opposed to $190,000 for the rest. Thats significant.
Nelson points to his schedule, which was a little skewered because he had to play in some events which has changed places in the rotation.
I had to play more events in a row than I really wanted to, he said. That kind of wore me out. I had to play five weeks in a row, two majors in a month and some tournaments where I was defending.

Nelson has been somewhat streaky the last couple of years. I won six times (last year) and the majority of those were within 6-7 weeks of each other. I started off the first two events this year by winning. It could only go downhill from there, because you know you cant win every week, he said.
That start added a lot of pressure that the other golfers didnt have. And I think that showed up in the spring of the year, said Nelson. I took some time off and started playing better toward the middle of the year.
Larry is currently 13th on the Senior Tour's All-Time Wins List
The Vietnam vet IS happy about one thing ' he has been relatively pain-free the last two years. That couldnt be said of his first two years on the Senior Tour.
I got a neck injury and the doctor told me it would take two years to heal, he said. I didnt see how anything could take two years. But the doctor said the nerve damage and the scar tissue in there could take two years. Sure enough, it took two years.
But the last two years, I have been healthy. I have felt just fine.