No 14 - Chinese Fir - Par 4 440 Yards


The toughest green on the course is at No. 14. And getting to the green is no prize, either.
Number 14 isn't famous for much. It is in the middle of the glamour holes - two par-5s, 13 and 15. It is nothing fancy - just hard, hard, hard.
The hole begins with a drive which should be right-center of the fairway. No water and no sand might make this a benign hole, and it is until it is time for the second shot. The only harmful area is short left, where trees can block your line in to the green.
The approach shot is generally a 6- to 8-iron. You no longer can run the ball as you once did. The ground in front of the green has been softened and the green grown longer. A shot now that finishes in the vicinity of the pin must hit the green.
This shot is crucial. There is a huge mound on the right front of the green that must be cleared. The green slopes fiercely left to right. The toughest pins are left center to back, and front right. There will be a huge break on any putt of at least 10 feet. The green makes this a worrisome stop indeed.
Ken Venturi was in contention three times, but all three times he three-putted this green. Tom Watson was nursing a one-shot lead when he came here on the final day of 1978, but left with Gary Player in the lead. Watson three-putted and it was all over.
Watson also three-putted in 1979 and wound losing a playoff to Fuzzy Zoeller.