No 16 - Redbud - Par 3 170 Yards


The 16th hole, more than any other at Augusta National, presents a different look with every new pin placement.
Two of the placements call for caution. The other, a back left location, is one most often used Sunday and calls for an aggressive play.
The first situation is lower right, and here just enough club is needed to carry the water. The ideal shot would be a cut. Secondly, the pin is placed in the back center. Here the shot is right center to take the water out of play and let the ball feed down left to the hole. Both shots need to be played with a yellow light.
The Sunday placement is an aggressive shot. Start the ball out right of the sloping green and let it draw back to the pin.
Club selections vary with the wind, but it's anywhere from a 6- to a 9-iron for the front position, a 4- to 6-iron for the back center, and either a 5- or 6-iron for the back left. You've got to stay clear not only of the water but also, since the green slopes to the right and it's not advisable to be hitting sand shots to a green sloping away from you, avoid that large bunker.
Jack Nicklaus nearly holed out a 5-iron in 1986 when he won for the sixth time, but the most famous stroke of all had to be his 40-foot putt for birdie in the '75 Masters.
But it is the hole where Fulton Allem once topped his ball off the tee and had to get a yardage figure before he could play his second shot. Byron Nelson once made an 11 here. And Seve Ballesteros four-putted the green once. When asked, he had a simple answer - 'I went four feet past, I putted again and I missed the hole, then I missed the hole again.'