No 5 - Magnolia - Par 4 435 Yards


To Augusta spectators, this is the forgotten hole because it is hidden away in the back of the course by itself. Only a short walk separates the fourth hole from the sixth hole, both par-3s. To the players, however, it is simply a hard, hard hole.
The only play is down the left side of the hole. That gives you anywhere from a 5- to a 7-iron in, compared to a 2- or 3-iron from the right side. The problem is, there all kinds of problems if you turn it over and hit it too far left.
On the left side is a double bunker, although the modern player doesn't worry about that much. It only takes 230 yards to clear it. But a constant worry is the forest to the left of the fairway that must be avoided at all costs. Also, some trees overhang the fairway to that side, more problems to deal with.
Once safely down, it's a much easier shot in from the left than from the right. The green, running left to right, is treacherous. It's an absolute requirement to hit the approach shot to the proper plateau. If you don't, a three-putt looms as an imminent possibility. It is difficult to get the ball close to the flag for an easy birdie putt.
Jack Nicklaus hit a spectacular shot here in 1975, winding up with a certain birdie. In 1975, one of the most dramatic of Masters, he defeated Johhny Miller and Tom Weiskopf by one stroke. Art Wall knocked it into the cup for a two in 1974.
On the other hand, defending champion Cary Middlecoff was chasing the lead again in 1956 when he slapped his putt four times. He lost by two strokes to Jack Burke, Jr.