Pebble Move Nearly Impossible


What in the name of Nicklaus has gone wrong with this universe? This cant be right ' the weather forecast for the AT&T Pebble Beach is so mild this week it makes you want to take the chaise lounge to the Monterey Peninsula and pull on the ol bathing suit
What, a Pebble Beach with no gale-force winds, no torrential downpours, no bone-shivering temperatures? You might as well lower me into the grave ' Ive positively, absolutely seen the ultimate.
Temperatures through Sunday evening are supposed to hover right around the mid-60s. Predictions are that there wont be any more than a 10 percent chance of a light shower. I mean, it has hardly been this comfy in February since the Pacific Ocean was formed 10 or 20 billion years ago.
Sure enough, though, the weather returns to its usual irascible self Monday evening. Rain chances increase to 60 percent on Tuesday. Thats pretty much weather-as-usual for this time of year in the Del Monte Forest. They dont store the raincoats around here until at least the summer.
Lest you think the area always has despicable weather ' it doesnt. From the end of April until deep into October, this part of the country is beautiful. Its only this time of year ' tournament time ' when the weather forecast is so gloomy. Crosby weather ' so named because the tournament used to be hosted by a very drenched Bing Crosby ' has always been for the not-faint-of-heart.
The simple solution to the weather dilemma is ' why dont they change the dates to the summer? EVERYONE would benefit ' the players, the fans, the volunteers, even the maintenance workers who have to deal with problems of keeping the three courses playable.
Thats the simple solution. The realistic solution is not nearly so simple.
Start with money ' isnt that always the main factor? The Pebble Beach Company gets upwards of $350 a round when the average Joe wants to hack it around out here. When the weather is nice in the summer, Pebble Beach is chock full to the gills with tee times. And there is more daylight.
That means that, every 12 minutes or so, the cha-ching of the cash register goes off again, denoting another $1,400 has hit the till. Thats approximately $12,000 per hour, $100,000 or more a day. Those figures may be skewed somewhat, but you get the picture.
Good luck getting Pebble Beach to shoehorn you in if you want to play the tournament in the summertime. Theyre all for putting on the show in February when they will have trouble getting the tee sheets ' and hotel beds - full anyway. But in the summer? Youve got to be kidding!
Moreover, consider the fact that, for a change to occur, Pebble Beach would have to switch dates with another tournament. And not just any tournament, but a tournament who can hold the tournament in the middle of winter. See the point? There are only so many events that fit this description.
And a third ' and equally important ' factor is television. The AT&T happens to be televised by CBS. Networks tend to do their tournaments in bunches, for a variety of reasons. And networks also have plenty of other events that they have contracted to do on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer. So ' making the change is difficult for CBS, too.
Everyone is in on the February act ' except the players. Everyone ' everyone ' loves Pebble Beach. But hardly anyone likes the weather. Ergo, more and more players ' PGA Tour players ' are taking a pass on the AT&T.
Changing the time of the tournament would call for drastic measures, indeed. But if enough players decide that their warmth is more important than their possible paycheck, then this tournament will be in real trouble.
Meanwhile, theres this week and enjoy it, because it only happens about once every 50 years.
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