Weir the Winner When Its His Last At-Bat


There was something eerily familiar about this thing. Is it a case of dj vu? Didnt it just happen a year ago, the same guy winning the last tournament of the year? In 2000, wasnt it the American Express tournament in Valderrama, this year the Tour Championship?
Mike Weir, it seems, only wins once a year. Oh, he plays okay the entire season, finishes second a couple of time, third once or twice. But when its time to turn out the lights, lock the doors and go to the house, he seems to remember something ' he hasnt won yet. And he bears down then and just does it, and when he wins, it always seems to be the most cash-laden one of all.
Yeah, he did it again this year. I really dont have an explanation for it, said Weir. Weir, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els and David Toms were standing there ready for the playoff, and Little Mike seemed oddly out of place in such company. And then, he did it again, just like a year ago.
In college, I never played very well in the fall at all, Weir told a bunch of media types in Houston last week. I had a tough time qualifying for our five-man team in college. I never played well in the fall.
And then it was time for professional golf. Well, he won the PGA Qualifying Tournament late in 1998 ' final tournament of the year, right? He won the Air Canada Championship in August ' not the last tournament of the year, but at least in the second half of the year. Then he jumps up and wins the American Express and the Tour Championship. The alarm goes off and he suddenly starts making birdies in his final at-bat.
Ill take them anytime I can get them. Just happened to be the four tournaments I won professionally lately have happened later in the year, he said.
It does seem strange for this Canada native. Come November back home, it was time to put the clubs in the closet and get out the ice skates. The gang already had played four or five games of ice hockey by this time. Weir had definitely switched gears by November in Canada.
Down south, though, he has made something of a reputation by following the falling temperatures and shorter days. When theres one final week to play golf, bet the farm that Mike will be the last one standing. If theres one more chance to win, Weir will be the one standing there with his hand out.
At times he feels like he is playing for the people back home, this guy from Sarnia, Ontario, who now calls Utah home.
Absolutely ' I am playing for Canada a lot of the time, and playing for myself, says Weir. But the people in Canada have been so supportive of me, and they really pull for me.
There were a bunch of Canadians out there today. Not only just Canadians out there, the fans out there were fantastic to everybody.
That seems to be a theme for Weir, the Canadian who, naturally, draws Canadians. But theres so much more to it than that. If the sun is low in the sky and the calendar says its the last tournament, Mike Weir is going to win it before sundown. Bet on it.
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