Weird Shots the Norm Says Tiger


CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Tiger Woods had just finished playing his opening match in the WCG ' Accenture Match Play Championship. It was a reality jolt, even though he defeated Carl Pettersson, 2 and 1. You might play just as you would in a 72-hole tournament, but there are some shots that simply defy description.
Shots from behind trees, shots from deep in the rough, all kinds of shots in the 32-match opening round.
Your opponent forces you to hit shots like that, he said. You may step up there and bomb one down the middle which puts the heat on your opponent, and they know that. And if its a normal stroke event, who cares? You play your own game.
Match play is pressure from the first hole until the 18th ' then if you win, it starts all over again the next day. In stroke play, pressure builds until the 72nd hole, but it is not continuous, said Woods.
You dont get into the situation generally until maybe Sunday afternoon on the back nine or something like that, where you might be playing your opponent a little bit, he said.
Here, its right from the first hole, and it definitely takes a lot out of you, because generally in a four-round tournament you can kind of build to that point. Here, if you dont go out there and play right away, youll be going home. So I know that, and everyone else knows that, and youve got to get up for it.
Pettersson felt good Wednesday about birdieing the first hole and taking a quick 1-up lead over Woods. I got off to a good start, he agreed. And I played pretty well overall, but always when you dont win, you have a few shots which youd like to have again.
Woods played basic golf, refusing to gamble with the strong breezes.
I wouldnt play any differently, he said. I would play the same.
You had to keep the ball in play, because in the rough you cant get to the green And its difficult, with pins being tucked as they are, to be very aggressive.
Woods made three birdies and suffered no bogeys on the day.
I just take it one match at a time, he said. And I know that I have to win six matches in order to win that tournament. And thats the way I look at it.
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