Lighter is longer for Cleveland


A pair of very basic premises is at the core of the development of Cleveland Golf’s latest driver line – the Launcher Ultralite. And they are: Lighter is faster, and faster is longer. To that end, the California clubmaker has rolled out a trio of new clubs that weigh on average 25 grams less than traditional ones in comparable categories. The idea, of course, is to help golfers generate higher swing speeds – and hit longer drives as a result.

Start with the XL 270, which weighs a mere 270 grams (as the model number indicates) and features a 460cc head designed to be forgiving as a grandparent. It also has a Miyazaki C. Kua 39 series shaft made by a subsidiary of Cleveland’s Japanese parent company that helps make it one of the lightest drivers in the game. The XL 270 also comes in a draw version, with extra weight in the heel and a slightly closed face for those looking to rid themselves of their slices.

Next up is the SL 290, tipping the scales at – you guessed it – 290 grams. This model also has a 460cc head and employs a Miyazaki C. Kua 43 series shaft and lighter Lamkin grip to keep its weight down.

And finally, there is the TL (for Tour Lite) 310, with a clubhead only 440cc in size for added workability and the sort of stability and feel demanded by tour players and top amateurs. The 310 comes with a Miyazaki C. Kua shaft, too, only this one is a 59 series designed with the better, stronger player in mind.

“Weight reduction has been used by equipment makers in other sports to increase distance and power, and we are simply applying that concept to golf in a number of ways,” says Nate Radcliffe, metalwoods development manager for Cleveland Golf/Srixon.

“This series was engineered to be lighter in each category of performance. We achieved those reductions primarily in the shafts and grips, and that allowed us to preserve the swing weights and flex profiles and keep the clubheads balanced, strong and forgiving.”

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