TaylorMade unveils new Burner 20 irons


There are those in golf who feel regulatory restrictions have made it very difficult for equipment makers to innovate any more. But TaylorMade CEO Mark King is not among them. Rather, he believes the technological envelope can still be pushed in significant ways. And the introduction of the latest TaylorMade iron line – the Burner 2.0 - is a very much a manifestation of that attitude.

Available in early October, the Burner 2.0 is a follow-up to the successful Burner iron that was launched 18 months ago, and company officials say it offers a number of improvements on the original. “We’ve succeeded at creating a better performing iron that is just as long, easier to play and more refined in its feel and sound,” says Bret Wahl, senior director of R&D at TaylorMade for irons, wedges and putters. “Every Burner 2.0 is better than its predecessor.”

For starters, TaylorMade has improved weight distribution through the line. In long irons, it has been shifted toward the back of the clubhead for easier launch, and toward the toe and heel for better stability and forgiveness. As for the mid irons, the weight there is distributed more evenly and slightly higher to promote workability and forgiveness. And in the short irons, it is positioned even higher to enhance a lower, more controllable ball flight and centered to increase clubhead control. At the same time, the center of gravity in those clubs is closer to the face, as it would be in a blade, for better feel and to induce lower ball flight.

According to Brian Bazzell, the company’s manager of iron development, TaylorMade is also utilizing differing face thickness to promote more speed and distance in the long irons and more feel and control in the short ones. Top-lines are substantial and strong in the longer 2.0’s and get progressively thinner down through the set, while the multi-functional sole that was introduced with the original Burner has been improved by recessing the heel and toe and beveling the rear, so drag is reduced and cleaner, more solid contact enhanced. In addition, TaylorMade’s patented Inverted Cone Technology has been reconfigured on the rear side of the clubface to promote faster ball speed on off-center hits – and more consistent distance from shot to shot.

Add in an ultra-thin clubface for higher COR – and greater distance – in the long irons with an improved vibration management system for better sound and feel, and it is easy to comprehend Bazzel when he says: “We have made little improvements with every club in the set, and we see Burner 2.0 appealing to a wide range of golfers, from scratch players to those with 30 handicaps.”

The Burner 2.0 has a two-toned, “Burner Black” PVD finish and its standard set of eight irons comes in both steel shafts and graphite.

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