Bob Vokey Blog


Golf is a sport known to many as a game where grinding is a necessary action. Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to meet and watch a true grinder.

Titleist's Bob Vokey has been producing clubs since the early 1970's. And while Vokey has taken wedge craftsmanship to the ultimate level, it was his upbringing in Canada that gave him his start. His father was a tool-and-dye maker who sat his son behind a machine at an early age, teaching him a trade and the values he deemed necessary for his young protégé.

Sit down with Bob and one important trait pours out: he truly loves his job. The passion he exudes when discussing club manufacturing is extraordinary. While some interviews can be more difficult than others, I felt Vokey could talk about wedges for hours.

After learning about Bob's past and present during the interview, I then witnessed Vokey in his element, the center of his universe: the shop floor at the Titleist Club Facility in Carlsbad, California. He showed his brilliance in front of a grinding wheel, measuring club heads and taking notes, all in an effort to produce the 'perfect wedge'. While Bob explained that the perfect wedge may be unattainable, he strives each day to help not only the PGA TOUR players, but the weekend golfer as well.

I had the pleasure of spending one day with Bob Vokey, and in those eight hours, it's easy to see why his co-workers, as well as past and current PGA TOUR players, respect, value and rely on this master craftsman.