Begay: Woods WD 'begs some very difficult questions'


After Tiger Woods withdrew during the opening round of the Farmers Insurance Open, several Golf Channel analysts weighed in on what might be causing Woods' recurring back pain, and what this latest development might mean to his future:

"It begs some very, very difficult questions in terms of how he is going to approach his game at this point. ... In his last eight tournaments, he has more missed cuts and withdrawals than he does finished events, much less getting into contention." - Notah Begay III on "Golf Central"

"Physically he has got to get this right again. He has got to go back to the drawing board on the swing. ... He has got to find a way to swing a golf club - especially the driver - where the spine is not putting so much tension and torque on it. That is his absolute must." - Nick Faldo during first-round coverage

"If you have physical issues, you have got to go through the warm-up process every single time. If he didn't start again and hit the reset button and go through everything, it shows you how fragile he is. It indicates that he doesn't have the residual strength right now if something like that can happen." - Faldo

"It's one thing to have a surgery to fix a problem, but it's quite another if you don't take care of what's fixing the problem. ... (Staying taller) is exactly what he needs to do, and that will eliminate this consistent and recurring back issue. But I just don't see him doing it." - Brandel Chamblee on "Golf Central"

"From now until he changes his golf swing, he's going to continue to have back pain. ... He's impinging his right side now because of his golf swing. And it's not going to go away, not as long as he's doing this." - Chamblee