Bubba gets in Reed jab, says he's top 25 in world


AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Patrick Reed jokes never end.

Masters leader Bubba Watson even got in a jab Friday when he was asked to discuss the peaks and valleys of his golf game the last two years, since he won the green jacket here in 2012.

“Learning to be a good dad, learning to be a better husband, it takes time on you, it takes energy,” Watson said. “And then learning how to refocus, repractice, get back to the level that I think I should be at…top-25 player in the world. Not going to say top-five player in the world. Sorry, Patrick Reed.”

Actually, somewhere in the middle. Watson was ranked 12th heading into the 78th Masters.

Earlier in the interview, Watson described himself as athletic. One reporter asked him to discuss situations where he believed his athleticism separates him from others.

“I hit 9-iron the last two days, flew it 186 (yards) yesterday on 16 with a 9-iron,” he said. “I guess it’s all right."

I guess.