Cameras catch Hadwin's strange stretches


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Move over, Miguel Angel Jimenez. You have company.

Adam Hadwin, who has already secured his PGA Tour card based on season-long earnings, is feeling pretty loose as he tries to chase down the No. 1 ranking on the priority list for next year, and that is by design.

Below is Hadwin during Friday’s rain delay, showing off some stretching skills that make him the star pupil of most yoga classes. Tour Championship: Articles, videos and photos

He couldn't help but laugh after realizing cameras caught the whole routine.

“It helps me get a little bit deeper stretch on my hip flexor. I’m glad a lot of people enjoyed it, I had fun with it,” Hadwin said. “You know, it’s fun. I retweeted it myself and had fun with it. The worst thing you could do is feel embarrassed by that kind of stuff. I’m just trying to stay loose as best I can when I’m out there."