Cowboys coach on win: You don't lay up at the Masters


The Masters was on Dallas coach Jason Garrett’s mind when he made a crucial decision in the Cowboys’ playoff victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

It wasn’t because he saw the first Masters commercial of the year on Jan. 1.

It wasn’t because he was excited for the PGA Tour season to resume on Friday. 

No, as he explained why he kept his offense on the field for a crucial fourth-and-sixth from the Lions’ 42-yard line, Garrett said (via “One of the things that kept going through my mind is that when you get a chance to go play at the Masters, you don’t lay up. You go after it.” 

The bold call may have worked for the Cowboys – they won, 24-20, after Tony Romo threw a game-winning touchdown pass with 2 ½ minutes remaining – but it’s important to remember that Garrett’s go-big-or-go-home mantra doesn’t always work at Augusta National.

Bubba Watson may have bashed his way to victory last year, but Zach Johnson laid up on all 16 of the par 5s at Augusta National when he won in 2007, turning those wedge opportunities into 11 birdies. That approach, of course, isn't nearly as flashy – or as good of a sound bite.  

Wrote Jason Dufner on Twitter: