Creamer's caddie does more than just carry her bag


PHOENIX – Paula Creamer uses her caddie to better a round in more creative ways than just about any other player.

Unhappy with her putting stroke, she began having her caddie, Colin Cann, place his hands on her upper arms during practice putting strokes Saturday at the Founders Cup. She did so to help her remember to rock her shoulders and keep her hands out of the stroke.

It worked pretty good.

Creamer shot 64 in the third round to get into the hunt. She needed just 25 putts. She was just one shot off the lead when she finished her round with the leaders just going off.

In the past, Creamer has used Cann in similar ways. He used to have him hold the grip end of a club against the bill of her cap when she made practice swings on tee boxes to remind her to keep her head in proper position.

“I’ve hit the ball great this week,” Creamer said. “I’ve given myself so many opportunities, it’s ridiculous, but I just didn’t putt very well the first two days.”

That’s why she had Cann step in on Saturday.

“I was getting handsy, and I needed to use my big muscles,” Creamer said.

She used those big muscles very well in her last start. She won the HSBC Champions with a 75-foot putt to prevail in a playoff.