Daly: Make Phil or Tiger a playing captain in 2016


John Daly’s cure for all that ails the U.S. Ryder Cup team: Make Phil Mickelson a playing captain in 2016 and … well, eventually, put Daly in some sort of assistant role.  

Since that was a lot to digest, let’s start with his take on Mickelson. “Phil seems to thrive on Ryder Cup competitions, does well when he plays,” Daly told reporters Thursday, via the AFP. “He knows everything about the Ryder Cup, so maybe it should be him or Tiger Woods who should be the next captain. We’ve had playing captains over the years, so why not in 2016?” 

Because it’s not 1963, and because there are two better candidates, guys who wouldn’t have a full playing schedule to work around. Daly also says that Mickelson is an ideal man for the gig because he “knows the workings of the PGA of America,” you know, given that he’s a former PGA champion.

But there’s more. Though Long John (smartly) knows that he’ll never be chosen as Ryder Cup captain, he still confided that he’d like to “be involved in some way as I could keep the guys loose and ensure they have a bit of fun.” 

Given these alternatives, the Ryder Cup task force has never looked better.