DeLaet: Weir a guy you legitimately root for on Tour


IRVING, Texas – Even though he was contending for the HP Byron Nelson Championship title himself, eventually finishing in a share of seventh place, Graham DeLaet could also allow himself to step back as a Canadian golf fan and appreciate Mike Weir’s solo second-place finish that was a half-decade in the making.

“It‘s pretty gutsy; just shows hard work and determination,” DeLaet said. “He’s been grinding and working his butt off for the last three or four years. Not many people have been giving him much credit and I guess he still knew he had it deep-down. So it’s pretty awesome to see.

“There’s few guys who you legitimately root for out here, because you’re competing against everyone. But he’s one of the guys I always look for to be playing well.”

Earlier in the week, DeLaet called Weir his “hero” in golf. After Sunday’s round, he credited the past Masters champion with motivating him to become a professional golfer.

“If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know if I’d be here right now. I mean, him and Tiger [Woods] are the guys that I looked up to when I was a kid. They’re the reason that I wanted to become a professional golfer. Now I can call him a buddy. It’s good to see him playing well again.”