Donaldson (pinkie) could return next week if cleared


Objects in the photo are not as gruesome as they appear? 

Jamie Donaldson’s manager told Press Association Sport on Tuesday that the Welshman did not suffer any tendon damage and could return as early as next week if given the green light from doctors following his run-in with a chainsaw. 

Donaldson is expected to have the stitches on his left pinkie removed Wednesday.

“Jamie has full movement in the finger and is expected to make a full recovery,” Donaldson’s manager, John Fay, said in a statement. “He is very relieved and will be a lot more careful in the future.” 

In a tweet showing the result of his “fight with a chainsaw,” Donaldson said that fans could expect to see him early next month in Dubai. He withdrew from this week’s Abu Dhabi Championship.