Fellow caddies rally to comfort Bennett


There was a tournament round in the last year or two - maybe in Miami or Dallas or Hartford - where temperatures cracked 95 and the humidity made it feel worse. The kind of day where lugging a 40-pound golf bag on your shoulders for five hours made a root canal sound fun by comparison.

I was standing outside the scoring trailer that day and decided to make small talk with Lance Bennett, the longtime caddie for Matt Kuchar. I said something to the effect of, "You must be wiped out.” He looked at me funny, then shook his head and insisted that he was looking forward to a six-mile run as soon as he was done working.

Moral of the story? Bennett is a tough dude. In fact, his famously gruff voice would have been perfect as a villain in one of those old radio dramas.

Even the toughest man, though, needs help after the devastating news that Bennett received Wednesday, when his wife, Angela, passed away suddenly after a reported seizure.

She is also survived by the couple’s 4-year-old daughter.

In the wake of this news, a few of his caddie brethren dropped everything and immediately headed to Texas to be with Bennett and his family. Arrangements are already being made for caddies at this week's Deutsche Bank Championship to wear black hats in Angela's honor. Some players will join that movement, as well.

It's often said that the PGA Tour is one big family, but it usually takes this kind of tragic circumstance for others to notice.

"Most sports have 500-2000 athletes who rarely play each other," Ben Crane tweeted Wednesday night. "We have 150 & spend 25-30 WEEKS/year together. The Tour is very much a family."

His sentiment was hardly unique. Social media was abuzz throughout the day with messages of condolences from Bennett’s fraternity brothers. The outpouring of sympathy will hardly stop at those boundaries, either.

Bennett will undoubtedly need the support of his PGA Tour family over the upcoming weeks and months and even years. On a tragic day for those within the inside circle of the game's most elite level, plenty of those family members will offer that unconditional support.