Finchem against penalties for skipping playoff events


ATLANTA – During PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem’s “State of the Tour” news conference on Wednesday at East Lake his assessment of the 2014-15 season ranged from “A plus” to “five star.”

Finchem also said officials are pleased with the way the FedEx Cup playoffs have transpired, but that’s not to say the postseason has been perfect.

Sergio Garcia skipped the first two playoff stops to rest and Rory McIlroy missed The Barclays as he recovered from injury, leading to a familiar suggestion that players be penalized for skipping playoff events.

“The playoffs have been hugely successful,” Finchem said. “Doing anything that would say, OK, this player has to do this or that, that’s kind of a negative.”

Finchem pointed out that players have skipped playoff stops for a number of different reasons in the past and that they aren’t required to play any event, although there is currently a proposal before the policy board that would require players to participate in a new event every five years.

“If things start to fall apart, that would be different,” he said. “It’s not helpful, but the amount of talent that’s out there now, it’s not a big deal. We don’t like it, but we would rather – we always want to see Sergio play – but I don’t see us going down that path [to penalize players].”