Finchem open to ideas, but says FedEx format unlikely to change


ATLANTA – While many observers are contending that the FedEx Cup playoffs – which feature recent winners Billy Horschel and Chris Kirk atop the current points list – are too volatile, a case can be made that they might not be volatile enough. 

Exhibit A in that case is Dustin Johnson. Despite taking what the PGA Tour has claimed is a "personal leave of absence" and missing the first three playoff events, Johnson still qualified for the season-ending Tour Championship this week. 

When asked whether this signified whether there is a flaw in the system, commissioner Tim Finchem said he didn't realize that this scenario had indeed taken place. 

"Is there a flaw in it? I don't know," he said. "Is it possible to do? You tell me."

Once apprised that Johnson had accomplished the feat even without playing the last three weeks, Finchem maintained that the current format is still unlikely to change, but he's open to entertaining any ideas. 

"I don't think we need more volatility. One of the things we wrestled with the last few years is should we pull the volatility back down a little bit.

"I wouldn't say that we wouldn't necessarily do that, because we continue to evaluate it. First two years we pretty much decided we didn't want to make any more changes for a while. So we took it under advisement. And we've looked at it. 

"​I wouldn't rule it out. But it's one of those things where if we pull the volatility back a little bit, I don't think it's a major thing, given where the Cup is now.

"​But it may be something we want to do. We'll continue to look at it. We certainly want to make sure everybody understands we're keeping our options open in that regard."