Fore Things: Phil finds $100 on ground, returns it


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Here are Fore Things of note that caught our eye during the biggest party on the PGA Tour, the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

1. If Phil Mickelson finds $100 on the ground, he returns it. Phil Mickelson was in the middle of interviews and chatting with folks in the scoring area after his round on Saturday when he spotted a $100 bill on the ground. Obviously, Lefty doesn't need the money, but he went out of his way to figure out who it belonged to. It turned out to be the guy standing right next to the money, who then asked Phil for a photo. Mickelson obliged, but not before giving the man a word of advice, "Don't be leaving 100 bucks just lying around out here," he said. Wise words, for Phoenix, or really anywhere.

2. A record number of people showed up on Saturday. The third-round attendance was 204,906, a record high. It surpassed the previous mark of 201,003, set just last year. If just 21,585 fans show up on Sunday, they'll set a new week-long attendance record. That, my friends, is what we call a lock.

3. Fans at the 16th hole are ruthless. It's one thing to boo players and other fans, but this crowd even went after some kids. After not responding to a "spin the sign! spin the sign!" chant from the crowd, some poor kids holding a scoring sign for a group while walking through 16 got booed after not spinning their sign. It was a strange request, but the kids may want to listen up next time.

4. High heels on the golf course are a thing in Phoenix. A lot of women at the Waste Management Phoenix Open are dressed for the party, and that includes high heels. High heels are fine if you have a seat in the stadium, but walking to and from, and anywhere around the course seemed to be a bit of a challenge. One woman, who was following her significant other over some hills off the cart path, fell into me as I made my way around TPC Scottsdale. I'm not going to say I saved her life, but I didn't not save her life.