Former Manchester United coach captivates McIlroy


Sir Alex Ferguson with the European Ryder Cup team on Tuesday. (Getty)

GLENEAGLES, Scotland – Rory McIlroy was transfixed listening to one of his sports heroes give the Europeans a pep talk Tuesday night at a team meeting.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who coached Manchester United to 13 Premier League titles, followed the Euros around Tuesday on the course and then addressed them later that night. McIlroy is an avid Manchester United fan.

“The highlight of the week, so far,” McIlroy said. “I didn't take my eyes off him. I was sort of in this trance, just listening to everything that he was saying, and I'm sort of thinking, this is all the stuff that he's probably said to Manchester United teams over the years. He told us a couple stories, just of past experiences, in some big games and big matches, and some of the players that he managed, and it was a great evening. It was a really cool thing to be a part of.”

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McIlroy wouldn’t reveal specifically what Ferguson told the team, but he said he got a lot out of it.

“Very useful, because we got to ask some questions, just about different things and what he thought was the key element to being successful, and successful as a team,” McIlroy said. “Yeah, he's a very inspirational sort of man when he talks. He's got a lot of authority and the room just goes quiet and everyone listens. So, as I said, it was a great experience for everyone, obviously, but especially for me being a big Manchester United fan.”