Former Tiger teammate wins Speedgolf World Championship


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With a 4-over 76 in 46 minutes and one second, Eri Crum of Boise, Idaho, won the 2014 Speedgolf World Championship on Sunday at Bandon Dunes in Oregon.

With Saturday's round rained out, the 36-hole event was sized down to just 18 on Sunday. Crum didn't make any birdies, but did par on 15 of 18 holes in an average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

“I’ve found you need to be more than just a golfer to win an event like this – you have to be an athlete,” said Crum. “It’s a big deal to win a world championship, but to win the Speedgolf World Championship at a golf mecca like Bandon Dunes really means a lot.”

Crum was actually a four-year member of the Stanford Golf team and in the same class as some guy named Tiger Woods.

Speedgolf scores are determined by adding a player's time and total. Crum's score 122.01 (76 + 46.01) just edged that of Rob Hogan (122.57), who shot 83 in a remarkable 39:57, posting the only round under 40 minutes.