Fowler defends USA haircut: 'It's me being me'


GLENEAGLES, Scotland – Before boarding the chartered flight for Scotland last Sunday Rickie Fowler made Ryder Cup history when he had “USA” shaved into the right side of his head.

Reaction on social media has been staggering and even PGA of America president Ted Bishop joined the fun when he had “USA” shaved into his head on Tuesday at Gleneagles.

“It's gone a bit crazier than I expected,” Fowler said on Wednesday.

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Not all of the buzz, however, has been positive. The Telegraph’s Oliver Brown wrote earlier this week that Fowler’s haircut was an “exhibition of the thuggish jingoism that on any normal day would give grounds for many a club secretary to throw him off the premises in a heartbeat.”

When asked about some of the negative reaction Fowler was unapologetic.

“It's me being me,” he said. “I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or turn anyone the wrong way. Just proud to be from the USA and be over here playing the Ryder Cup. If people take it the wrong way, it's too bad for them.”