Green vandalized at Shell Houston Open site


Course staff at the Golf Club of Houston received an unwanted surprise Monday morning when they discovered that one of the greens had been vandalized by a pair of all-terrain vehicles.

The course, which annually hosts the Shell Houston Open, had already seen the 16th green vandalized in January. This time, the damage was to the 14th green as the offending parties inflicted significant damage to the putting surface:

"(Sunday) at around 7:30 p.m. some young white males decided to take a joyride on No. 14 green at Golf Club of Houston," the club wrote in a Facebook post. "To those of us that play golf, understand how terrible this is for a golf course and especially to our superintendent and his team. They work so hard. They were two young white males, there were two ATVs...this is not a SMALL ATV."

Houston-area resident and tournament regular Shawn Stefani also took to Twitter to offer an incentive to help bring the vandals to justice: