Horizon claims McIlroy wiped clean mobile phones


Horizon Sports, as part of its on-going legal battle with Rory McIlroy, says McIlroy “wiped clean” up to eight mobile phones, the Irish Times is reporting.

Horizon maintains that the phones may have contained information important to McIlroy’s lawsuit against his former management company and that the “factory resetting” of phones was to deliberately destroy data, the Irish Times reports.

McIlroy, in an affidavit sworn in Palm Beach, Fla., said he was not advised by his legal team to back up material before resetting his phones and that he changed them regularly to have the most up-to-date model and to avoid calls from journalists.

Horizon’s attorneys still want the phones to have them forensically inspected, according to the Times.

McIlroy is seeking to terminate his five-year agreement Horizon Sports in what he called a “limiting” deal with the company. He said he was coaxed into signing the agreement, in 2011, and it cost him around $6.8 million in fees. Horizon has countersued for $2.4 million in unpaid fees.