How Ko made her way to the Leadbetter camp


PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas – So how exactly did Lydia Ko connect with David Leadbetter and Sean Hogan as her new coaches?

Hee Young Park is the connection.

Park’s fundamentally strong swing got the attention of Ko and her father, Hong. Park is a two-time LPGA winner and was the Korean LPGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year in 2005. She is coached by Hogan at the Leadbetter Academy.

“Actually, my dad, he went around researching, and he saw a couple of Hee Young's stories, where she said Sean was very specific, and he kind of could pick out the small little differences,” Ko said. “Yeah, that's what I think my dad loved about it. So, my dad said, `This might be good.’  Obviously everybody knows David Leadbetter, as well.

“I asked Hee Young how Sean was, and she said, obviously, he was good. So, I got his email, and we kind of talked from there.”