Judge: McIlroy's phones not up for inspection


Rory McIlroy won a minor court battle Friday when an Irish judge ruled that McIlroy's various cell phones cannot be inspected as part of an upcoming suit pitting the Ulsterman against his former management company.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Justice Raymond Fullam decided that requests to view McIlroy's phones, along with his cell phone bills and the devices of some members of his team, would be denied.

"The proposed forensic examination of the phones is a speculative exercise which goes beyond the parameters of evidence," the ruling stated.

McIlroy is suing his former management company, Horizon Sport Management, over an agreement signed between the parties in December 2011. Horizon had also sought to inspect devices from Donal Casey, now the CEO of Rory McIlroy, Inc.; Sean O'Flaherty, McIlroy's personal assistant; and Gerry McIlroy, the golfer's father.

Horizon claimed that McIlroy "wiped clean" up to eight mobile phones in an attempt to destory data pertaining to the suit. In a sworn affidavit, McIlroy claimed the phone changes were made to ensure he had the most up-to-date model and to avoid phone calls from journalists.

McIlroy called the original, five-year deal signed with Horizon "limiting," claimed he was coaxed into signing it and that the deal cost him around $6.8 million in fees. Horizon has counter-sued for $2.4 million in unpaid fees.