Kaymer wants DVD of key Players putt


IRVING, Texas – Here’s guessing you might see the following comment on a commercial for your favorite channel soon.

When asked Wednesday how much he’s watched his 28-foot par putt on the 17th hole during his Players Championship victory on Sunday, Martin Kaymer admitted: “I like the Golf Channel, so I watched it a few times.”

He’d actually like to watch it a lot more, too.

“I'm trying to get a DVD or something to watch it. Because I think you can learn from those situations when you watch yourself, how you behaved, how you swung the club in certain situations, and I haven't seen it yet but that putt, yeah, a lot of people tell me how good that putt was, but it was a little bit of luck involved as well.

“That's what I think people don't realize. It was a good stroke and a good read, but at the end of the day to make a good putt like that, you need a little fortune, too.”