Kids 'n play: Coffin kids go to Golf Channel


ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s another Take Your Child to Work Day here at Golf Channel, where fathers tell their children it’s acceptable to push buttons they see around the office, and mothers tell their children they better not touch a thing.

I had my third-grade daughter Gracie, 8, write a golf story the past two years (here is last year’s piece). Now that my first-grade son Brady, 7, is eligible to attend the festivities I let them both crank out some prose.

You can learn a lot from watching your children write. My son freaked out over every red and green line that appeared on a Word document. My daughter worked hard the first two sentences then got to a point where she just wanted to get it over with. Traits from both are eerily familiar.

Anyway, here’s their unedited work.


I’m at Golf Channel. I am excited. I met people and they are nice. I like it here and Golf Channel is really pretty.

I love playing Golf with my Daddy. We have fun together.


The Masters just ended and apparently Bubba Watson won. That was a big win for Bubba. Jordan Spith had it. But Bubba was better and the other people wasn’t so good. I’m happy Bubba won. The Masters was a blast. That’s the Masters.