Ko can't get enough of her silver medal


Lydia Ko said she had a hard time taking her silver medal off to shower after the Olympic medal ceremony Saturday night in Rio, but she put it right back on when she went out to watch some other events that night.

Even when she got back to her room, she kept the medal on watching TV.

“I almost wore it the whole night,” Ko said. “I think it’s why my neck is a bit tight.”

Ko is loving her silver medal. She has it with her this week at the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open, where she is trying to win the event for the fourth time in the last five years. Her sister, Sura, had it on the course Wednesday, taking care of it as Lydia played the pro-am. Ko says the medal will eventually find its way beside her other trophies in her home in Orlando, Fla.

How does she rank it among the many prizes she has won?

“I can't take away the two majors I won,” Ko said. “Those are very special, winning Evian and the ANA Inspiration, but also this one. Even though this one is a silver medal, it's just as special. Everything is so different in its own way, but it's definitely one to remember. I think it's just more so the atmosphere and the vibe of the Olympics that I just enjoyed so much.”