Ko gets her hair done, shoots 68 at Swinging Skirts


DALY CITY, Calif. – Lydia Ko got more out of her round than she expected in Thursday’s start of the Swinging Skirts Classic.

She got her hair done on the first green.

After burying a 5-foot birdie putt at the opening hole, In Gee Chun noticed Ko was wearing hair ties around her wrists. Ko told Chun she meant to braid her hair before beginning the round, but she didn’t get to it. So, Chun offered to braid Ko’s hair right there.

“I said, `Sure, it’s going to end up way nicer than I braid it,’” Ko said.

Chun twisted Ko’s hair into a tight braid in a minute or so.

“She’s my hair stylist,” Ko cracked.

It wasn’t the only unusual interaction Ko was involved in during her opening round of 4-under-par 68.

At the second hole, Ko was 60 yards out with a wedge in her hand when she asked Stacy Lewis to go up and mark her ball on the green.

“It was kind of like perfectly in line with the pin, and I ended up hitting a shot that was nowhere near her ball,” Ko said. “When that happens, it's kind of embarrassing. In the back of my mind, I just didn't want to be unlucky, where I feel like I hit a good shot and it lands and hits hers. That would kind of put me off a little bit the next few holes, knowing that, `Hey, I could have just asked her to mark it.’ She was nice enough to go up there mark her ball.”

Ko is bidding to win this event for the third consecutive year.