Korda has new coach as she tries to defend Bahamas title


PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas – Jessica Korda won the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic when it didn’t make sense last year.

She won the LPGA season opener just two weeks after deciding to overhaul her swing.

She’s back to defend her title this week after making more changes, including changing coaches, something she said was really difficult to do.

Korda won with Grant Price of the IMG Academy coaching her last year. There was an emotional backstory to their team effort. Price was so weakened from battling cancer that he was on a leave of absence from the academy. Price’s condition forced them to do a lot of their work over the phone during that Bahamas week with Price back in Bradenton, Fla.

Price has recovered and returned to work at the academy, but he isn’t working with Korda anymore. She’s with David Leadbetter now. Price told GolfChannel.com that Korda really needed a coach who could travel and work with her on site at tournaments. He always understood that.

“It's just tough to have a coach that is full time at the academy,” Korda said. “He’s got a group of kids that parents pay a lot of money to go see him. It was just very difficult to find the time around his hours and around my hours.

“Grant and I are still very close, and we talk a lot. And so it was tough for me to kind of make that decision, but it was something that we talked about, and I had to make the right decision for myself.”