Kuchar: Not enough break between seasons


NAPA, Calif. – Only 10 days have passed since Matt Kuchar holed his final putt at Gleneagles, so this week’s Frys.com Open feels more like a continuation than the start of a new PGA Tour season.

“It’s just so quick to restart after the Ryder Cup,” Kuchar said. “It doesn’t feel like there’s any break. A one-week break is not a break.”

Kuchar has made at least 21 PGA Tour starts in all but one season since 2002. As the Tour embarks on a stretch of three straight domestic tournaments before heading to Asia, he feels the upcoming trio of events would fit better elsewhere in the schedule.

“I still am pushing to put these three events – Frys, Vegas, McGladrey – after the Wyndham Championship, before the playoffs, have these part of the real season,” he said. “I’d love to see there be a proper break and then maybe an Asia restart come November.”

Kuchar acknowledged that much of the PGA Tour’s scheduling is rooted in a desire to avoid going up against NFL football, but he still feels a tweak to the existing lineup has merit.

“I know there’s an issue with wanting the FedEx Cup to not compete with football, but it competes with Week 3 or 4 of football,” he said. “Why not compete with Week 7 of football? I see Week 7 as being less attentive for football watchers than Weeks 1, 2 and 3.”

Kuchar doesn’t expect the schedule to match his proposal anytime soon, and characterized the response to his offering from the folks in Ponte Vedra Beach as “not real accommodating.”

“That’s how I think the Tour should work, but again, I’m not asked all that often how I think the Tour should work,” he said. “But I’ll keep suggesting.”