Kuchar's caddie back after tragic death of wife


GLENEAGLES, Scotland – Lance Bennett is back caddying for Matt Kuchar this week for the first time since his wife, Angela, passed away suddenly last month.

“Lance came over early; he didn't come on the team charter,” Kuchar said Tuesday. “And so once everybody arrived, he and a couple guys that came early greeted us as we arrived at the front of the hotel. I mean, everybody one after one, kind of went up, gave him a big hug, got to kind of spend some time with him. And I think most guys are happy to see him back to some sort of normalcy. I think everybody has felt so bad for his situation. To now have him back, it's kind of great to have him back as part of the family.

“When she passed, we lost a bit of Lance, as well, and to have him back has been great. It's been great for me. I think people have kind of gotten over the sadness of it, and are now kind of just glad to have Lance back.”

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Kuchar allowed that Bennett made his decision to return after receiving some advice from someone who had been in a similar situation.

I have one other friend that's gone through a similar thing, and he said that something that helped was a guy came out and said, ‘Listen, there's no rulebook as to when to do anything as far as in a situation like this – when you go back to work, you name it. There's no set rules for how to work this.’

“He said, ‘You make the decisions on your time. You make those decisions whenever you're ready to do anything. It's completely at your pace and your time.’ I think he shared some of those ideas with Lance. I'm happy to see that Lance is ready to come back and kind of get back to some normalcy and some normalcy is kind of being out on Tour. Being here is a unique, special event because of the bonding that happens, because of the amount of time you get to spend with the guys, is fantastic.

“So yeah, I still kind of think that this is a start. Not sure what exactly is going to happen with the future, but that's all completely still his decision and there's no rule book on this.”